Tendon Rupture

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We show you real-life examples of how our patients have benefitted from our laser treatment. Rosie’s tendon rupture made her an excellent candidate for laser treatment and she responded really well. Read on to find out how you can benefit too.

The Patient

When Rosie first came to see us she was awaiting surgery on a painful tear in her Achilles tendon that wasn’t healing. After her initial consultation we decided on a course of K-Laser treatments to try and reduce pain levels and make her more comfortable, but it had a much better effect than that.

After just 2-3 sessions the pain was already decreasing, Rosie had started to use her leg more and she was becoming less reliant on her crutches. By the time she went for her pre-op she was crutch free and had nearly normal movement. An ultrasound showed such a good amount of healing that the surgeon agreed with Rosie that she no longer needed the surgery so they canceled the operation and she was discharged. A great result all round!

What we did

Rosie had previously been to the clinic for treatment on a longstanding complaint with her upper back and shoulders, so when she injured her Achilles we decided to start a course of Gold Standard Treatment which included osteopathy and k-laser together.

I felt a course of 4 sessions would be enough to see if the laser was able to reduce some of the pain levels she was experiencing. When we had such a good response we carried on with k-laser for 4 more sessions. This was over a year ago and her leg has only gotten stronger with the addition of rehab exercises.

The Technical Bit

Tendon Ruptures like Rosie’s can be tricky to heal due to the poor blood supply in tendons, the issue comes when so much of the tendon is torn that the remaining fibers can’t cope and that’s when surgery can be required. Rosie had a grade 3 rupture which often requires surgery. K-Laser produces photobiostimulation (PBS) via 4 wavelengths of light that are close to the peak absorption for cells in the body that are involved in healing. This helps the body improve its healing response and in this case, surgery was avoided when it seems previously Rosie’s body was unable to repair the tear without help.

What Rosie has to Say

Rupturing my Achilles tendon affected my life in the most detrimental way. I was off work which was a big blow as I had just been promoted. I could barely walk, was in a lot of pain and spent a lot of time sitting down as I was not very mobile. I couldn’t do any of my normal exercises, walks, runs, gym or even swim and so was at home a lot, gaining weight and becoming depressed. Consultants said I may need surgery which depressed me even more! After only a few sessions of laser treatment, I felt like I had my life back! I was able to walk better, started a phased return back at work as I was much more mobile and reached a stage where Steven [my Osteopath] said I could walk around in the swimming pool to help my leg. I was over the moon that I could get out of the house, back to work and back to exercise. The laser treatment got me back on my feet -literally! I highly recommend it. It gives no pain or discomfort and the treatments are short. The gain far outweighs the cost and have returned to have the treatment on my torn ligament.

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