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I had pain in my back which has been affecting my daily movements & sleep. When I couldn’t cope with the pain any longer I went to see Mariska to sort it out. And she did! She has been very professional in her approach and I felt she knew what she was talking about. She’s been very empathic & listened a lot to what I was saying before taking any actions. She was ready to adapt her practice to my needs & wishes, which was very reassuring. She also gave a few tips & exercises to take home which I continue to use. So if you’re still suffering, don’t wait any longer, just go and see Mariska, she’s the magical hands Super Woman that you need !!!

Remi, Design Researcher, Sheffield

I first went to Steven a couple of years ago with an ongoing back problem after being dissatisfied with another Osteopath I had been using for some time. From the outset, Steven was professional taking a detailed history before examination and then discussing treatment with me. His treatment is 100% hands on; he gives advice on what to do during treatment regarding exercises etc. On my initial appointment, I hobbled in barely able to walk, within 20 minutes or so I was undergoing treatment and felt instantly better. I have recommended Steven to family and friends.

John, Senior Analyst, Sheffield

I have a very annoying lower back problem following a sports injury some years ago and have tried physio and acupuncture before trying osteopathy. Steven is very professional and requests as much detail as possible in terms of how the pain has been, so as to help treat and assess on each visit. His advice on what to do following treatment has been especially helpful to me in helping me manage the pain I get on a daily basis. I would recommend Steven to anyone with similar pains.

Rob, Business Adviser, Sheffield

Mariska has helped me sort out a long-standing back issue which was beginning to limit my ability to do the activities I love doing. I understand the issue much more now and have some maintenance exercises to make sure it doesn’t recur. She has also advised me on a knee problem. I would heartily recommend her to anyone suffering from any joint issues.

Toni, Retired, Sheffield

Mariska treated an injury that developed following my participation in an ultra-endurance mountain bike race. She quickly understood the situation and provided effective treatment, which both addressed the problem and allowed me to continue to train for future events. Highly recommended.

Emma, Learning Co-ordinator, Sheffield

Steven’s an excellent osteopath and a real professional. His obvious enthusiasm for his work and interest in the field and in his patients is evident – and he balances professionalism and a friendly, engaging manner really well. I saw him for some time with an ongoing problem that he’s been able to help with; I’ve also recommended him to others and they’ve been impressed by the results he gets and by him as a friendly, professional individual. Very definitely recommended!

Samantha, Writer, Sheffield

I have been visiting Bannerdale Osteopaths since my first pregnancy (for SPD Pelvic Pain) and for the last 7 years on and off. Whenever Back pain strikes I can rely on Steven to make me feel better and the symptoms soon disappear. I usually feel better immediately after treatment and then better again after a couple of days. I can go for long periods without treatment but when I do need treatment for Shoulder and Lower back pain whether caused by injury or stress then I have not found a better remedy than my visits to Steven’s practice.

Isabel, Business Solutions Partner, Sheffield

Mariska helped me with a minor back injury – regular treatment sessions resolved the issue quickly, while her recommended exercises help me to maintain my general health and wellbeing. She has a very friendly and professional manner and I would recommend her to anyone affected by joint pain.

Jill, Copywriter, Sheffield