Virtual Healthcare Plan

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Our online appointments are not simply stand-alone appointments, it is a whole new way of treating and the benefits to you do not end when you close your laptop after your first consultation. That is why we have put together the Bannerdale Healthcare Plan.

Take control of your injury and fix it once and for all…without ever having to spend time in a waiting room.

So what is the Healthcare Plan?

Online osteopathy and physiotherapy gives the same outcomes as if you were to visit us in the clinic. You still receive all of the benefits and get better, just delivered online instead.

What is included?

Everything you will need to get better. Here is how it will work…


  • Initial assessment and diagnosis via virtual consultation
  • Access to your personalised management plan on your tablet or smartphone for 48 hours
  • Revisions to your plan based on your feedback
  • Access to your Osteopath or Physio for 48 hours through the app
  • Follow up through App messaging for 48 hours.
  • £20 one-off charge.


  • Virtual consultations as and when required
  • Access to your personalised management plan
  • Revisions to your plan as you progress through the exercises
  • Unlimited access to your Osteopath or Physio through the App
  • Unlimited follow up through App messaging
  • £40 Per Week


Following weeks 1-3 you can move to an all-inclusive healthcare plan, giving you inclusive benefits month after month. When you need us, we are here.

  • Virtual consultations as and when required
  • Access to your personalised management plan
  • Unlimited access to your Osteopath or Physio through the App
  • Unlimited follow up through App messaging
  • £20 Per Month

Helping ensure you stay injury-free

From developing strength to managing symptoms should they re-occur, our Ongoing Healthcare Plan has all of the tools that you need when you need them on an ongoing basis. New problems are also covered by the Ongoing Healthcare Plan following a one-off initial appointment to set up the new program.

How does it work?

Online osteopathy and physiotherapy has been proven to be as effective as physical treatment provided you are willing to put in some of the work and follow the bespoke healthcare plan we create for you.

In order to be most effective, our virtual appointments mean you will need to completely engage with the bespoke healthcare plan your osteopath or physio puts together for you and communicate on a regular basis to make sure any issues you have or progress you are making is tracked in the app. Because of this communication, the virtual appointments are much more than just that, they are not stand-alone appointments.

What you need to do

Your job is to start the program we discussed and log any pain experienced plus comments using the PhysiApp system full information on how to get the App or access from a computer can be found at to login you will need your program code which is in your email sent to start the virtual appointment or following the appointment with your program.

Why it is important to log stuff

It allows us to best help you if we know how you are finding things and getting on with regard to the symptoms and the exercises. Due to the nature of virtual appointments, we have to have more communication than an in-person appointment in order to offer you the best care possible.

Who is it good for?

Our Healthcare plan is good for anyone that is happy to take a different approach to Osteopathy or Physiotherapy and is willing to take responsibility for their own recovery. If you are willing to follow your plan, do your exercises, and communicate with us throughout, then this could be the approach for you. If you are looking for someone to crack your back as a quick fix, then maybe you need to find an alternative.

We find that the following groups are finding online osteopathy and physiotherapy consultations particularly useful:

  • People in Self-Isolation
  • Low Back Pain
  • Neck Pain
  • Hip Pain
  • Knee Pain
  • Long term conditions
  • Niggly injuries that don’t stop you, but just aren’t getting better
  • Aid fast recovery from an acute injury or flare up,
  • Injuries that are causing a mild to moderate interruption to your normal daily or sporting life
  • Post surgical rehabilitation programs, and injuries that are causing a major disruption to your life.
  • Injury rehabilitation
  • Frozen Shoulder
  • Rotator Cuff Dysfunction
  • Tennis Elbow
  • Repetitive Strain Injury
  • Sprained Ankle
  • Anyone with Transport Difficulties
  • People that are now a distance from the physical clinic but want continuity of care from their osteopath

Bannerdale Healthcare Plan Terms and Conditions.

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