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Mariska Wilkins

“I enjoy treating a wide range of patients and being able to adapt treatment to address their particular need.”
Mariska Wilkins M.Ost

Mariska Wilkins M.Ost

Mariska graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University with a Masters in Osteopathy degree. She has a keen interest in a range of musculo-skeletal problems, as well as how lifestyle factors such as postural patterns, old injuries, and work activities can lead to pain and dysfunction. She believes that many of these problems can be aided through tailored treatment and exercise prescription that will aid the functioning of the body as a unit. Mariska has completed further training in ROCK TAPE and dry needling which can be used in addition to osteopathic treatment for a range of overuse and sports injuries. Mariska enjoys treating a range of patients but has particular interest in geriatric and obstetric care.

My Story

I first became interested in Osteopathy when I was a teenager and my father suffered from recurrent bouts of sciatica. After being prescribed medications which had minimal effect, he finally went to see an Osteopath. After just a few visits there had been significant improvements to his pain levels, and the Osteopath was also addressing the cause of the problem to help prevent recurrence. I have always felt it was my calling to do a career that involved helping others and this led me to work for a number of years as a care worker for the elderly and disabled. During this time I encountered a number of other people who had discovered and promoted Osteopathy as a method of helping with their aches and pains.

I fell in love with the idea of being able to offer people an alternative to surgical or pharmaceutical treatment options, and decided to train as an Osteopath. I have never looked back since this decision. I enjoy treating a wide range of patients and being able to adapt treatment to address their particular needs. There is nothing more satisfying to me than seeing a transformation in patients who have previously been in pain and can now carry on with their normal lives.

What my patients say…

“I had pain in my back which has been affecting my daily movements & sleep. When I couldn’t cope with the pain any longer I went to see Mariska to sort it out. And she did! She has been very professional in her approach and I felt she knew what she was talking about. She’s been very empathic & listening a lot to what I was saying before taking any actions. She was ready to adapt her practice to my needs & wishes, which was very reassuring. She also gave a few tips & exercises to take home which I continue to use. So if you’re still suffering, don’t wait any longer, just go and see Mariska, she’s the magical hands Super Woman that you need !!!”

Remi, Design Researcher, Sheffield


“Mariska’s delicate but firm touch certainly sorted out my painful joint problems very quickly, a very professional and most importantly effective course of treatment. Thanks Mariska.”

Bob, Director, Sheffield


“I’ve been having weekly Osteopathic treatments from Mariska for the past month and it has had a dramatic difference to my daily life. I used to suffer weekly from migraines, muscular tension from old sporting injuries and neck ache. Since working with Mariska all these physical problems have begun to subside. The migraines have stopped completely and my general well being has vastly increased. I now intend to continue my treatments with Mariska to maintain my health and I would advise everyone to do the same. I strongly recommend Mariska to anyone that is currently in physical pain or needs better general functioning.”

Johnny, Digital Marketer, Sheffield


“Mariska has been my Osteopath for a couple of months now and I highly recommend her. She’s knowledgeable, friendly and is making a real difference to the neck problems I’ve been having.”

Craig, Consultant, Sheffield




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