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Jacqui Almond

Jacqui Almond - Bannerdale Osteopaths
“"Every patient is different and requires a different approach to getting them better, which keeps my days interesting!"”
Jacqui Almond M.Ost

Jacqui has now left the clinic to spend some time back home in Belgium. We are confident that we have found an excellent replacement for her in Pooja.

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Jacqui Almond M.Ost

Jacqui graduated from Leeds Beckett University in 2015 with Masters in Osteopathy degree. She treats a variety of different pain related issues, including acute sports injuries, generalised aches and pains, and chronic complaints. Jacqui follows a structural approach to diagnosis, treatment and long-term management, with a focus on pre-disposing events and lifestyle factors that could be contributing to your condition, and a thorough postural assessment in order to understand the main source of any given complaint.

She emphasises the importance of prevention and management, with ergonomic advice, exercise prescription and day- to day adaptations to ensure you get the most out of your sessions. Her treatment involves a variety of different techniques, which aim to treat locally, as well as on a more holistic scale.

My Story

“I stumbled upon Osteopathy after watching my dad suffer from lower back pain throughout my childhood. From a very young age, he would always ask me to walk on his back, which isn’t something I would recommend to any patient now! It was Osteopathy that my dad would always turn to when he was suffering from an episode. I would go along with him to watch the treatment he received and I found myself fascinated by what they were doing.

It wasn’t until I went to University to study it that I actually understood the depth and reasoning behind everything that an Osteopath chooses to do. I take pride in our practice and believe it should be the primary choice for diminishing musculoskeletal pain. I receive daily reward from the results I am able to achieve with my patients. Every patient is different and requires a different approach to getting them better, which always keeps my days interesting!

Since graduating I have had experience working on an NHS contract, with the primary focus on lower back pain, where I dealt with treating people suffering from acute episodes of lower back strains and sprains to more severe and chronic lower back issues.”