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Emma Wood

Emma Wood Cognitive Hypnotherapist Sheffield
“I am committed to being the best therapist I can be, helping others to achieve, grow, mend and rebuild.”
Emma Wood Cognitive Hypnotherapist

Emma Wood Dip C Hyp, NLPP, HPD

Emma graduated from the Quest Institute based at Regent’s University in London with a Diploma in Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP. She enjoys working with a wide variety of patients and is currently working towards a Master Practitioner qualification. She is happy working with a range of problems, ranging from depression, anxiety and phobias to more general issues such as work, relationships and performance to name a few. She uses a variety of techniques, all of which are specifically tailored to each individual client. No two treatment plans will ever be the same, because Emma believes in helping people, rather than applying a set formula to a label or diagnosis someone might have. This process specifically takes into account how a client’s mind works, their life experiences and all the specific features of their problem, enabling a truly bespoke solution to their issue – without a swinging watch in sight.

Emma’s Story

Like everyone else, I’ve had a lot of challenges in my life. I suffered from anxiety, panic attacks and depression for a number of years as I was growing up, which is why I think I became interested in Psychology. I wanted to understand my own mind better and also help other people. This lead me to studying a BSc Psychology degree at the University of the West of England in Bristol. I volunteered with a charity helpline and also worked within admin teams in the NHS, across a number of different mental health departments.

I followed this passion and trained in Cognitive Hypnotherapy and NLP with the Quest Institute under Trevor Silvestor. This training had a life changing effect on me – and I love that I can now play a role in doing this for you. I love my work and I am committed to being the best therapist I can be, helping others to achieve, grow, mend and rebuild.

What my clients say…

I can’t recommend Emma highly enough. She is a fantastic listener who often has insights that can really turn what I think are problems into solutions. I’ve known Emma for about 18 months and in that time she has always been patient in helping me move towards my goals. It is not unknown for us to spend some of each session laughing which is so important to me. In short Emma makes each session feel as though it is tailor made for me – which has not always been the case during other therapies. Emma moves seamlessly between therapist and coach and has made a very positive impact on my life.
– Jane, 50, Retired


I came to see Emma because I’ve suffered for years with social anxiety, which causes some distressing physical symptoms. I’ve tried various forms of therapy in the past including CBT, several hypnotherapists, and even medication, none of which had worked. I felt my therapists didn’t understand me, and was embarrassed to tell them when something they were trying with me was clearly not working. I came to Emma because she provided something different, and I was intrigued and ready to try something new. I immediately felt comfortable with her, and we worked together to find something that worked for me. When I felt it wasn’t quite right, we tried something else. It was totally natural and she encouraged me to be honest about what worked and what didn’t. The result was that, together, we found a method that worked for me in just one session. This is a huge step for me as I’ve been trying for over a decade. I already feel much more comfortable, and my anxieties have drastically eased after just 2 sessions. I’m really looking forward to continuing working with Emma. She is calming, supportive and skilled, and I would highly recommend her, especially if you have tried therapy before and struggled as I have.
– Catherine, 24, Student


I went to see Emma to come up with strategies to help cope with feelings of frustration, anger and disappointment that I experience when performing in sport. Seeing Emma was a slightly different experience for me, and it probably wasn’t how she normally practises either! It was great to have time away from everything, a calm space where we talked through ideas and feelings. She let my mind wander wherever I felt it necessary to go and guided me in a supportive and thought provoking way.

– David, 32, Athlete